Bread #5 - Pretzel Bread

I am behind the game on breads, and Kathleen had been dying for me to make pretzel bread.  So since it was her birthday I made it.  The dough seemed to be waaaay to dry using the recipe I added about a 1/4 of a cup of extra milk to make it more dough like.  
And then when I boiled it - the boiling water was bubbling over.  

The bread seemed waaaay brown too.  
But you know what this was the best bread yet it was delicious!  
The recipe is so simple it's very forgiving, perfect for Easter.  
Everyone here tried different toppings with it and enjoyed it so much we have just a slice or two left.  I am pretty sure I will make this again maybe in bun form.
PS acceptable toppings include butter, ranch dressing, cream cheese, cream cheese and strawberries, and cheese.  Other toppings we wished for beer cheese, nacho cheese, honey butter, and garlic butter.
Here's the link to the recipe note I added the extra milk and used sea salt rather than regular salt.  


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Mandy Crandell said...

So trying this!