We have been married for one year (as of Sunday). We went to Bluebeard to celebrate. We still agree Black Market is tops.
We have been preparing for being parents. 
We bought things for the baby. 
We really started to see the baby move and grow. 
We painted and purged to make space for the baby. 
We discussed the idea of possibly (later) adopting a foster kid or two.
We spent one month focusing on saving. 
We actually saved quite a bit. 
We also spent money on things like a new home gym, a new dishwasher, a baby rocker, crib, and a new photo printer. 
We started tracking all our spending. 
We gave more. 
We went on a babymoon to the Pacific Northwest. 
We discovered we like Oregon and Washington even with their whacky weather. 
We ate many fun things. 
We saw many fun things.
We learned maybe we aren't so bad at comprise. 
He started a new job. 
She continued to reap the benefits of work from home. 
We got sick - 2 rounds of the flu, one of food poising. 
We cared for each other. 
We got a new roommate. 
We bought a second car.
We had people over. 
We went out with friends.
We had quiet moments as two and as one and one. 
We got thru what seemed like the never ending winter and did result in two ridiculously high gas bills. 
We started new small groups.
We began watching Lost together. 
We spent more time together in the last three months than probably the entire first 9 of our marriage. 
Dustin - 
 One year has passed. Each day we is a blessing even when there are challenges. Many things have changed in this year. Many adventures have taken place. And daily we work on the struggle of marriage. You constantly say it's not easy, and my easy going nature finds that it's not really that hard. I have found that even though I can't stand dishes left in the sink, and clothes not put into the hamper, washer or at least your spare room, that being married is a joy. I love waking up next to you, having discussions with you, going on dates, seeing you care. I'm still as much if not more in love with you as I was one year ago or when we had our first date of planting tomatoes. Soon we'll be welcoming our first baby and I eagerly await this new challenge and new dynamic in our relationship. In year two let's get out of our comfort zone, let's go someplace new, and let's start raising a child of god. 
 Love Katie
(on a side note, I clearly need to work on taking more photos of "us" I have about 1000 of Dustin from this last three months and just these with me). 

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Mandy Crandell said...

Sounds like a very full year. Happy Anniversary!