Ribe & Als & Rybbol

I would love to tell you all about places we visited in Denmark but I can't seem to remember what anything was really called because well it was in Danish. I do know this we ate a lot of cake and I consumed enough tea for the Boston tea party. And they have this bread with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds that's so yummy. Our hosts were so gracious - Joann was mom's best friend like 40 years ago (no joke) and she took us in and her and John gave us a real taste of Danish life and culture and they made us Christmas dinner - which was also ever so scrumptious.  Several things though about Denmark - they are all about alternative energies.  Wind turbines were everywhere.  The Danes also fly their flags everywhere its so cute.  There was an adorable story John shared about it  falling from the heavens and the king waved it around and it led to victory or something like that.  It's much more entertaining when John tells it.
Ribe is 1100 years old.  The city is undersea level and has been flooded several times.

And old viking rudder

It is said in danish legend that Voladamer the Great (a viking) told his pregnant wife when he left for battle to build a tower with a flat top if it's a girl and pointy if it's a boy and on his return he saw this church with both a flat and pointy tower - twins.  ;o)

I wanted to hop the fence and frolic with these sheep but I did not dare for fear customs would not allow me back into the US.

This is Rybbol
I wish I could remember this story that John was telling about Rybbol

I almost wish I had bought some of these boots.

This guy looks like my friend Sasha - not so much in this photo from head on I had to do a double take.

Here is Sonderborg.


thea said...

Love the pictures .. whose gold shoe is that? I love the multi-colored toasters and coffee makers. Great pictures. thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

The gold one was actually a table leg and the coffee makes and toasters are cool I wanted to run into everyone's house and see if they really had fancy colored ones.