#25 Vintage Game Night

Friday night we had vintage game night (#25) at the bungalow.  It was crazy fun.  Jono and I each made a soup and we served it on the prison trays.  We had a crazy awesome group of friends.
We played Girl Talk, Family Feud, Encore and just were altogether merry.  I must say I was slightly disappointed Jono didn't have to prank call a boy and tell them he liked them in the girl talk.  But Kemi really represented when she had to go next door and ask for toilet paper there was NO hesitation on her part - awesome.  We also attempted to play Dr. Laura however the instructions are atrocious and we gave up.   Anyhow it was much fun and don't be surprised if we don't have this again soon, but I get to cross it off the list anyhow.



thea said...

Is Encore really considered vintage? I played that when it was new .. not that long ago .. I guess I'm getting old. Way to go with the list!

Katie said...

yes Encore is vintage my box is dated 1985 so that makes it Antique! Now girl talk it maybe boarderline however all my games are secondhand so I can call them vintage.