Tuesday 10 - Twenty Twelve in All It's Lovely

Here's a little list for this week of things I love.
1. Clipper Tea - I like Earl Grey but I imagine they are all delicious and fair trade too. 
2. Melody Miller Typewriter Fabric - Can you say yes!
3. Completely awesome lunches and fellowship on Sunday after church - it was crazy what normally is like 3-5 girls was like 20 people awesome.
4. Straws
5. The "new" vintage sofa - and to to think I hesitated when I bought this.  Now of course I need to make the blue mesh with the rest of the living room.
6.  This Lazy in blue.  - I cannot wait to put this up on the wall FCH (JJ sent it to me in LARGE format)
7. New challenging projects even though there's 5 of them
8. The sofa's friend chair
10. The weather this week (God if we can hold off on the extreme cold a little bit longer thx)
10. A soon to be completed project that I will share next week as a Tuesday Tutorial.


thea said...

oooh, a new vintage sofa . how exciting! Love the fch picture. what is he wearing? nice bunch of ten.

Mandy Crandell said...

Loving the fabric!


Anna said...

I love the pink and blue livingroom!

Katie said...

He's wearing some "tv infomercial thing" the big lazy or something. It's ridiculous it's awesome.