#32 Lunch with Jilly

Made some more progress on my list this week. I went and had lunch with Jilly #32 CHECK It was actually "Brunch" and a trip to the toy shop but I'm still counting it!  I love that she wore her New York gear and I wore Boston gear.  LOL!   It was a fantastic lunch - nothing like a good cry, accompanied by smiles to make friend time awesome.  Jilly I love you and I miss our daily time together, no more six months between hangouts.  Here is a picture we snapped with my Instax while on Mass Ave for the record we did not eat at Old Point. 
So for Progress on Da List I think that takes me to 3 and 1/12 DONE.  Not too bad.  


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thea said...

Glad you were able to spend time with your friend! Times like that are special and to be treasured.