Dear Jackie & Lisa - 52 Books Book #3

Dear Jackie and  Lisa - 
For Book #3 I read "A million little pieces" by James Frey.  It's a book about an addict and his story of going thru rehab.  It goes into details about the withdrawals and ups/downs of getting clean and sobar.  It really does portray addictive behaviors in through the writing.  I wasn't entirely impressed with the story though it's almost as if the author played both sides of the fence in terms of recovery.  It was interesting enough to keep my attention however it since parts of the story are fabricated I liked it a little less as I like true stories.  Anyhow that's 3 of 53 down. 
Happy Reading Girls!  Katie


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Anna said...

I like the picture on the cover of the book you chose. I was thinking if you run out of time you could always read one of the Books or the Bible there are more than 52 so if you chose short ones you could just read more than one in a week, or read the book every day for a week. I am just saying it is an option. Love you!