Tuesday Tutorial - File Cabinet into Dresser

 I bought this puppy at a thrift store for $20 a month ago.  I knew when I saw it that it was perfect for a dresser - the drawers are sooo BIG.  It also takes up much less space than a dresser.  So I brought her home and did a little research on  spray painting.  So here's a a simple tutorial for you for today.  
1. Sand - you don't need to get too crazy with the sanding it's more important to remove any finger grease than it is to remove all the old paint. 
2. Remove the hardware - I couldn't get the faceplate off without bending them so I left them (I think it's fine. 
3. Prime that puppy.  Don't skip this step.  If anything I wish I had put on a second coat of primer as it would have made one less coat of aqua.
4. Spray Paint nice even coats.  Hold the spray can about 8 inches from the item to avoid dripping.  I recommend spraying from top to bottom - I used the new Kyrlon some kind of Aqua.  Oh and well ventilate the area i sprayed this in the garage and had to open the big door and it was still kind of toxic.
5.  Move that puppy into the house.
6. Ta da - filing cabinet is now dresser.  FYI each drawer is perfect for clothes and easily equals two of my old dresser drawers.  Once I finished redoing the other bedroom projects I will share. 
#10 on my list is done. And I absolutely love it.


Mandy Crandell said...

Wonderful idea! Love the color you chose.


thea said...

Great idea. way to go on the re-purpose!

Rachael Adele said...

I'm so proud of you! Now find me one!

Lori said...

So glad I found this page. I'm doing this for both guest rooms. Thanks so much!