Oversized Chevrons for FCH & JJ

I'm starting out the year right and getting projects done - this is JJ and FCH's MLK/Christmas present #45 on my list.  It's also my first quilt in 2012 (only 11 more to go #6).  This is an over-sized Chevron quilt I didn't really use a pattern just did 1/2 square triangles to make chevrons.  The finished blocks were like 18 inches square so it was BIG.  I absolutely love it despite it's wrinkly.  The quilting mimics the chevrons and is only on the cream.   The fabric is Kona Charcoal & Cream, Lotta, Some Moda print dot and city and some random robert kaufman gray circle I had leftover from that purple quilt.  The back is pieced from scraps as well as JJ's portion of our family picnic blanket.  I used this fun black hounds-tooth on the binding you can't really tell from the photos but it was just an added punch.  JJ and FCH I hope you love it and I can't wait to come visit so we can picnic on it.

I haven't a CLUE why these photos are sideways and upside-down they are right side from my camera, and that back is really blurry but you get the idea and Thanks to jono for holding the quilt for me even though I gave him a hardtime that his wingspan wasn't big enough.


thea said...

I love it! what a great chevron quilt! Quilts are supposed to be wrinkly. Very, very nice job.

jay said...

We LOVE it!!!

Anna said...

I really love that Jonathan can stand on his head to hold the quilt!

Jodie said...

By far my fav! I really love the colors.