Dear Jackie & Lisa - 52 Books - Book #1

Dear Jackie and Lisa - 
I finished my first book just in time. For Book #1 I read "Hug Your People" by Jack Mitchell. Lisa - you asked me if it was a self help book - and I told you "No" well I sorta lied. In ways it actually is. It gives you ideas about how to run your business/project/work lifestyle and really if you change that aspect of your life you are helping yourself so classify it as self help sure. 
I definitely think this is a book for people not only who manage people but for anyone who wants to improve on their niceness culture.  It provides you with easy to put to use ideas and tips on just good old being nice - and doesn't everyone need to be nice.  I actually plan to use some of the ideas with Katie twists in my own job as well as in my house.  Look out people whiteboard I'm getting a whiteboard for the kitchen (which yes I know is half remodeled).
Overall would I read it again?  Not in it's entirety but I might reference the interview section when interviewing and the review section when reviewing etc.   Onto the next book.
Happy Reading Girls! :) Katie
PS Thank you Jones for lending me this one.


Lisa said...

Congrats on completing your first book in 2012 Katie...Ü My Hub is a manager too, he uses the nice approach,for that he seems to be respected by his employees so much more than the managers who don't use the same tactics in the work place....Ü
Happy reading friend,

Anna said...

I think I will have to borrow it because I need to have some niceness in me too.

thea said...

How did I miss the book a week commitment?? Looks like a good one. way to go.