New Years with Big Things

For New years I took a roadtrip to St. Louis with my mom and sister. We saw many big things. It was so spontaneous and fun. And it was good to get away just a few days. It was also awesome because Momo and Lita had never been to St. Louis. So of course a trip to the arch was needed.  We didn't really plan anything except the arch before we arrived.  When we got there we looked up places on iPhone Apps, and in a magazine in our hotel room and we planned what we wanted to see - interesting weirdness mostly with a side of ice cream, and pizza for Lita.   It was great to plan it out that way so we could map it all out and hit stop after stop instead of being like "what's next".  It worked well. Anyhow now for some photos.  
Da Arch

Big Ugly Indian.  This sculpture is apparently repulsive even to the artist.  I kind of liked him.
Union Station. 

Giant Snapping Turtle. 
Giant Tortise
Mini Giant Baby Turtle (that's an oxymoron)
Lita on Snapping Turtle
This could eat you.
Elephant at the zoo - you know what I loved about the zoo - it's FREE - meaning we could just go and see what we wanted and leave.
Like the Penguin Exhibit
Which you can practically touch.  It was great for the last Penguin adventure of 2012.

Giant Shoe Made of Shoes. 

Giant Catsup Bottle. 

We had lunch at this adorable diner when the other place we attempted to try was closed.

View from the arch.

Here we are at the top all blurry and such.

We also went to Goodwill Outlet - which is kinda "yucky"  but I did spend $0.22 and got a hand made hat and a coin purse.  And we saw this guy which made the adventure priceless.  Yes that's right he's wearing a fur cap, green sunglasses and his GIANT earphones.  He was all business looking for some great finds.
I also snapped this photobooth strip.
I found a giant bobble head which BTW they do NOT want you to touch. Whoops luckily I did not have to buy him as he was $10K and I don't even know his name.


thea said...

Looks like a great time. love the zoo. free ones are the very best.

Mandy Crandell said...

SO jealous of some of the sculptures you found! Not sure how I missed them last time I was there.


Anna said...

Great photos and I am glad you posted them because I like to see where we have been.

Michele C said...

Can't escape that Scandalous Music pix...Lord, I so wish I had fluffed & buffed before our Hurricane Irene adventure! See you for our Spring Break in Au Canada if not before.