Tuesday 10 - Mid January Loveliness

I have been meaning to blog more regularly all month - so many things happening just keep delaying this. But I'll work on making time for it.  Anyhow here's a Tuesday 10 to tide you over.
1. Avocados - these were on sale this week and I bought some - I'm planning to make avocado wraps to use up all the leftover tortillas from taco bar.  (Jono and I are on a use up the leftovers kick)
2.  THE WEATHER - is it January or April?
3. My neighborhood Marsh is under remodel and I'm excited to say I might want to shop at the new one!
4. Citigroup
5.  IMQG just kicked off a new year with an awesome meeting I'm so jazzed for all the 2012 things we're planning.
6. Indianapolis - There is no better time than right now to live in Indy and to get to work from Indy it truly is a super city - all you left and right coasters Midwest is Best!
7. Polar Bears - The Polar Bear and I go way back (my teddy bear is a Polar Bear.

8. Vintage Game Night
9. Regular Thursday Night Dinners with Queen & Ricky and whoever else we round up.  Love Love!
10. This newly finished Instragram project in my hallway. It just makes it a little more special when passing thru.
Here in the next few days I'll get a post about book three too.

1 comment:

thea said...

1. love avocados too. just wish we'd get a great sale here.
2. Weather .. we had a little rain, then back to 60s.
3. ??
4. ??
5. Quilt Guild -- I'm jealous
6. Indy -- should be a couple of super weeks!! everybody wants to be there. I'm hoping for snow.
7. very "cool"
8. wish I'd been there
9. enjoy the dinners
10. lovely pictures