Indy Super City - Superbowl Kickoff

In case you haven't already heard - Indianapolis is the host of the 2012 Superbowl.  It's bringing so many fun events and people to the city.  It's really a big deal around here first time it's been in a cold climate - I secretly want a foot of snow ;)   Funny thing though if we were to compare it to the Indy 500 there are actually only like 1/5 of the people who attend Superbowl.  However this is a MUCH more televised event, and every business in town is having a party of some sort.  
Anyhow I went with a guy I have been dating to check out the Superbowl village the other day.  And sadly we didn't get zipline tickets but we did manage to have a good time anyhow.   The Indy cars and numbers on the circle are cool.  The streets that have been redesigned are awesome and will live once the NFL trailers have packed up and gone home.   If you live in Indy and haven't gone yet you should check it out especially if you have kids or want to buy some NFL gear - but either way it's a once in a lifetime event I will be returning at least two more times so watch for more pictures.



thea said...

Looks awesome! Love the XLVI!

Anna said...

Well, you love crowds and excitement so have a blast. I will stay home and watch the Superbowl from here.