Copenhagen Denmark

I have to admit Copenhagen was rather delightful.  It's a beautiful city, filled with beautiful people, history, and interesting things to see.  I wish I could have spoken or read a little more Danish.  But it was a manageable city and was actually my favorite place we visited on our trip.  We saw all 3 of the castles - Rosenborg, Ameliaborg, Christianborg.  The changing of the Danish guard was awesome we literally could have reached out and hugged the guards although we did not.  Tivoli was pretty although not my favorite place - I guess I'm just not into amusement parks. 
Thanks to John and Joann's suggestions we were able to navigate the city on the bus fine, even without being able to pronounce street names.   Now for some photos...
Tivoli - it was Halloween Fest there.

This is the view from our hotel room.
This was my favorite meal the entire trip - it's a Kebob in a wrap of some sort.  It was excellent and only cost $2 in American money. 

The Opera House - it was very windy in Copenhagen.  I love how someone is riding their bike right behind me.
Changing of the Guard

It's the beer bottle guys again.

Rosenborg Slot was beautiful inside and out. I LOVED the lions although I will spare you all 20 pictures of them.

 Nyavn - was adorable although we didn't eat or have coffee there because we tended to be there early on it in the day.

This place was adoreable. John suggested it and it's cute inside and the burgers were pretty good. It was also like a dining car inside. 


thea said...

I love all your pictures. The changing of the guard looked amazing. I liked the beer bottle guys too.

Anna said...

I want to go back to Denmark!