IMQG @ the Urban Folk Art Fair

Earlier this month Indy Modern Quilt Guild did some demonstrations on Modern Quilting at the Urban Folk Art Fair.  It was fun to just make random blocks and and to see the girls that came out.  As well as to be able to display our quilts. I'll have you know that I made like 4 triangle blocks which is very out of my norm I usually am all squares and rectangles - and the points while they were not precision were pretty nice even if I do say so myself.  Thanks so much to Lindsay for organizing this month's event - it turned out excellently.  Here are a few of the snapshots I took of the event:
Linsday's Sewing
 Rachael Sewing
 Elizabeth showing off blocks.
Here are the blocks we have pieced.
 Proof I made Triangle blocks.  Crazy I know.

Rachael showing off her stacked books.  She's a Librarian you know.
And Me - cleaning up.
See you in December IMQG's and if you are reading this and sew or quilt or want to learn and live in the Indy Area you should join us December 9th.


Rachael Adele said...

Great pictures, Katie!

thea said...

Nice blocks! Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Anna said...

Love that Rachael's quilt looks like a row of books.