Movie - J Edgar

I think this is my second Movie in November I think I saw something on a date early on.  Regardless to say the date and that movie aren't worth mentioning.  
J. Edgar however was a great.  Can we say Oscars??? I think this might have been the first movie I've seen all year that has Oscar potential although perhaps I'm forgetting something that was stellar. 
I usually don't care for Leonardo Dicaprio and his big head or baby face.  But his performance as J. Edgar Hoover was great.  The movie tells the story of the making of the FBI as well as J Edgar.  I don't want to give anything away but YOU SHOULD SEE IT. 



thea said...

well, because you liked it, we might have to see it now.

Anna said...

I liked it too. It was tastefully done with some interesting takes on the three relationships between him and those who ment the most to him.