#2 - Surprise Balls

#2 on my list was make Surprise Balls.  Which are basically many gifts wrapped in streamers to form a ball.  Way back before Easter I bought a bunch of things to make these but I never could find things for the boys to get surprise balls.  So I just made up ones for my mom and Lita and gave them to them for Thanksgiving.  They are very fun to wrap and to open.  I wish I had photographed the goodies inside.  But let's just say that my mom and lita now have finger cymbals!  I think I'd like to make these again with some kind of "theme" but I haven't worked out the details yet.  Either way another thing crossed off my list.



thea said...

that's an interesting way to wrap .. sounds like it was fun to open. what'd you do for "black friday"?

Steve Finnell said...

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