Miami of Ohio Of Course

The other day we went to Homecoming at Miami.  It was so warm in the sun that we thought it would be warm in at Yager.  Sadly it was NOT really.  Additionally we were very sad to learn they didn't sell beer inside for some reason I think last time we went they did.  We had a good time despite these two minor snafus.  PS sorry my photos are sideways I swear I rotated them in Photoshop.  Stupid computer.
I appreciate that not all signs of the Redskin are gone.
Jono and I were all kinds of decked out in our Miami gear
Not sure if you can see my ex-roommate Syklia out there but she's going to Miami now and she's will be preforming at the Macy's Day Parade with the band. 
And one more just to prove that we did watch the football game.

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