Fav on Friday - Games (Especially Vintage)

I had forgotten how much fun games are, and then last night I had some friends over and we busted out a few of my vintage games and I remembered why I collect them other than their cuteness.  And I remembered how much fun they are. We learned that we really don't know how to play Clue even 1949 Clue and we decided that one of my "newest" games Tabloid Teasers could be the best game ever - sorry kids you can't buy it at Target it's vintage. To check out other Friday Fav's click here.
Oh and one more thing Rachael and Tisha - I found several more people on deck to play my Girl Talk at the slumber party.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

very cool favorite! I love to play games...my husband, not so much.

I used to love to play trivial pursuit!

Shay said...

One of my loves too!

I really enjoy boards games and one of my favourites is a vintage game called "Careers " that I used to play when I was a kid.

My husband belongs to a group that makes up board games and plays them weekly (I just made him sound really geeky didnt I?)

Fabulous FTF Katie !

thea said...

I love games too! Tabloid Teasers, hmmm. Next time I'm in Indy, you'll have to dig that out.

Kate said...

I love Clue, it's such fun. Never heard of Tabloid Teasers. Glad you got a chance to just play for a bit.