London's Calling

This is the LAST one of my posts from Europe. I could talk for days about all the adventures we had, things we saw, people we met etc. But I figure it's time to end these posts on Europe which are ultra photo heavy.  London was our last stop on the trip.  And while I like London because there is so much to see and do.  The shopping and food is fantastic - there are so many little gems hidden in this city.  I feel as though the city is just saturated with people.  It's too crowded you can't ride the tube without feeling like it's rush hour (and it's two pm on Sunday), the tourist attractions are WORSE, and since this was mom's first trip we hit them all up.  Although I must saw this hotel we stayed in was by far the best and nicest and the honeymoon suite with a view of Big Ben made me want to get up in the morning and stay up all night - shout out to the County Hall Marriott.
I could continue rambling on about some of the things we saw but instead I give you like 60 photos - so feast your eyes...
This was our bed in our honeymoon suite - it's too funny to be sharing a suite with your mom.
Big Ben and Mom - I am shocked she didn't run up and kiss it! (Oh wait she loves another Big Ben).

The majority of the photos of me taken on this trip look like this.  Thanks for trying momo.

The lobby of the hotel. 

Protestors at St. Pauls.  I'm not sure if they are protesting capitalism or just that it's in crisis?
"People are Not Profit"  are they protesting slave trade??? - You might also notice..  The actual people protesting seem to be missing or in their tents, apparently these were the laziest protesters ever.

The Tower - I love that the sun flare is hiding my gray hair that desperately needs to be dyed.

Piccadilly Circus. I love all the double-decker buses in London.  I love that they come every 10 minutes.  I love that they have stops that are convenient.  I love that PEOPLE ride them - perhaps someday Indy will get there.

Sherlock Homes.

Trafalgar Square - if you ever get a chance to read about Nelson and the battle of Trafalgar do it.  It's very interesting.

I love this silhouette photo. I only took like 22 of the same one.
And yes this was a penguin adventure we found penguins in Denmark and in England.

This is actually the view from our hotel room - try not to be jealous.
We rode the London Eye right at dusk and I loved it! The perfect time to see both day and night. My photos aren't awesome but my memory is.

We went to the changing of the guards - which I was NOT impressed with - Show up 2 hours early with ladders and chairs and picnics and such and you might get to see something.



thea said...

Love, love, love all your pictures. The doors, the animals with hair, and some how you managed to make it look like you were the only ones there.

Mandy Crandell said...

My dream vacation! I wish I could afford to travel.