Week in the Life Novemberish

mexican after church.
As usual I've been taking lots of random iPhone photos - probably more than normal.  Just another way to document life.  I've never done one of those "week in the life" of Katie, but if I did I image it would pretty much be snapshots of this (only more I'm only sharing this small sampling of the photos taken).  Well that's what it would look like when I was HOME.  It would include cocktails and probably more skyline and no home projects when I am on the road. 
bed hair and skyline

Indy at dusk or probably a little after.

My RL Stine Book Collection, finished quilt, and a lightbulb that needs replaced.

The entertainment center project (finished project coming soon)

Mexican by Jono and Cabbage in planters.

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thea said...

I like the picture of you with bed hair (I didn't notice the bed hair, but I'm not that observant).