Game and Soup Night @ the Bungalow Just Got More Interesting

I picked up some new board games at the thrift store - $4.50 for all three.  I spotted "Dr. Laura" from a mile away, it was meant to be mine.   Who doesn't want a board game who's tagline is "mortality matters".  The object of the game is quite hilarious and I'm pretty sure it's never been played - thank you 1990's you make awesome things with shoulder pads and goofy board games.  I also got 1978 Careers which is brand new they never even took the rubber band off the money.  I have no idea how to play Careers however some of my older friends have asked if I had it before. Several times now I've almost  bought Probe but for some reason it's usually like $5 I know crazy expensive?   But this time it was $.99 - so the time was right.
I want to call people up and have them over for Soup and Game Night tonight I'm so excited however I need to work on my to-do list that's 51 items long. 



thea said...

OMG, I want to come and play games. Is it mortality or morality??

Katie said...

morality like the act of being moral. Buy a ticket come stay for a while. ;o)