So that one time my hair was in my eyes aka #45

So a few weeks ago I got together with some BFFs Kim and Jeanne and Kim's kiddos.  And we celebrated friendship and christmas and just being together.  Spending time with the Shrum's was on my list at #45 this year so I can cross that puppy off now too.  We had a fun time checking out the sights in Lafayette.  Hotspot #1 was the Rainforest Car Wash - which sadly was closed!  We were so looking for the giant moving animals inside but we did enjoy the creepy looking head outside.  (FYI note my hair would NOT get out of my eyes despite my best effort to use barrettes I think it's time to get it cut off.

And then we hit HotSpot #2 the Metal farm family in downtown.  It was much less impressive than we anticipated we almost missed it was so small.  But we still stopped in to see it.

Hotspot #3 was world's largest Boilermaker.  He was hard to photograph with all five of us even with the timer.  But we tried our best however it didn't work out as we would have liked.  After that we were cold and hungry and we went to lunch and just enjoyed each others company.  It was a good time.  It's crazy too me how much older Syd and Sammie are now - I guess they grow up sometimes.



Mandy Crandell said...

I love that car wash!


thea said...

Love the weird head .. especially the bloodshot eyes.