Nauset Beach

This week I got to spend some time in the Cape - Hyannis, Nauset, Brewster. Not as much as I would have liked because well it's a long haul from western MA and well I was there for work.  But still the beach is the beach even if it's foggy when you get up early to jog or when you return at dusk and the sun is setting.  The water was icy cold and the sand was equally as cold but who cares.  The place was entirely empty and I spent some time there meditating and praying and it was so peaceful.  And a good reminder about how truly blessed I am to have this job where I can live in mid-america but get sent to amazing places.  Sometimes I need to be more grateful for these moments and spend less time being annoyed by the 3 hour delayed flights.



thea said...

Very nice pictures. Looks so peaceful. Did you go by yourself? or did you have company?

Mandy Crandell said...

Looks beautiful!