Katie's Pink and Yellow Quilt

I finally finished this quilt!  I feel like it took years (I actually did start making it in back in January).  It's actually pretty large in size - so let's chalk it up to that.  I didn't really follow a pattern naturally.  I used two vintage sheets and some vintage printed white cotton that was in grandma's stash to make this so I can officially cross #37 off my list.  The quilting actually matches the blocks even in spaces where there is no block it's just the yellow. The back is pieced from blocks I didn't use and scraps of the prints left over and some pink fabric from Crimson Tate.  I really wanted to have a hot pink and white binding for this  but it seems I only have hot pink and other color fabric so I ended up using something I originally bought for a friends baby quilt, and of course because this is so big I needed more than I had so I used some leftover pink from Crimson Tate (Rach this is why I buy yardage clearly a 1/2 didn't cut it).  Best part about this quilt is I'm keeping it.  I started it with the intent of having it be one that stays at the bungalow - since I have only 2 quilts I made here.
Close up of the quilting.  I love the imperfection.
And the back - you know the back actually is turned the wrong way.  But it still works.

Here you can see where I "Signed" it.  It actually says Katie 2011 not my last name - stupid bad lighting.
It's too large for the pink chairs which originally was where I was planning to have it. so it's going off to the sofa.



Anna said...

It is lovely and matches the chairs. Now you need apink sofa.

thea said...

Very, very nice!

jen said...