Malmo Sweden

I really had one objective in Malmo - Turning Torso.  And would you believe they don't let people up in it?  Not even stupid American's who over pay for a taxi there because they can't figure out the train map that's in another language.  We didn't even get to see the gallery because it had just closed when we arrived.  But we still got to see Turning Torso which is pretty awesome just from the outside.  And it turns out Malmo is not so bad - they have some good shopping in Sweden and we had some good chinese food served by blond girls who I'm sure were not chinese. 
This is an interesting fountain in the middle of the triangle where we stayed.  note the guy is crying.  each of the guys on the fountain has the water pouring from a different place.
Here's where we stayed.  It's also where Momo decided Marriott's are better than Hilton s.

And the Turning Torso

It is really kind of awesome even from the parking lot of the grocery store.

This building is the old news paper.  It's really kind of a cool building.

Then we figured out how to ride the train back oh and guess what that cost like $1 and come to find out there's no ticket takers so we could have just ridden it.  The metro is actually connected to the Copenhagen Metro - which is how Malmo has a pretty impressive transit system for a town of like 300,000.

This was our view from our hotel that morning.
And that is momo's cake it's not really salt on top it's sugar.


thea said...

That building is amazing! I never even heard of Malmo before. something to think about.

Anonymous said...

looks like your trip was awesome. sometimes we live vicariously thru you, our vacation this year was to Indy. - nick