Our first adventure alone in Denmark was to Egeskov - I know this because I took pictures of the name so I would remember it!  We drove there in our rental car and I'm excited to say it was so easy from the right side of the road!  It was rainy in Egekov but that didn't stop us from having a fine time.  Egeskov is a castle aka slot that the original family still owns and lives in.  Yes that's right the Earl that lives there now was related to the earl of like 300 years ago.  Isn't that cool?  If only the Jones owned a welsh castle somewhere. 
The castle has a moat and two or three mazes one which is the original maze, there also a deer park and beautiful gardens.

This is what happens when you let momo use the camera... at least there's evidence I was here even if I look like I'm displeased.

This is a dress that Marie Antoinette wore prior to the losing of her head - apparently one of her ladies and waiting escaped and came to work at Egeskov.
I loved this dapper little number with a ribbon.

I found quilts everywhere this one was made circa 1920 - doesn't it look like one granny made
The castle had knights.
And more quilts this one had ornate embroidery.  Sadly no flash allowed.
Oh and there's this story that if you remove this wooden doll in the attic of the castle  - it's under some beam the castle will fall into the moat.  It's been there hundreds of years.  I wanted so badly to remove it. I did not for fear I would fall in the moat.

Don't you love the little bushes I wonder how I can carve my ugly bushes into snails and squirrels - Jono??


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thea said...

Egeskov? Love the castle and the moat. and the quilts.