2010 The 52

I updated my list from 2009 I did 29 and 4 items 1/2 way not too shabby when you think I did a whole lotta of awesome things that weren't on my list like... Seeing Psychics & witches in Salem, Canoeing with the Boys, Crazy Soup Making, Drove on the wrong side of the road and saw stonehenge, Climbing the Bluffs, NYC Chinese adventures, Blogged every day for a whole month, spent quality time with my family, squished into a phone booth with some lovely ladies, drank wine in the street at an italian street fair and so much more. 2009 was a swell year and I just know that 2010 is going to be just as good if not better.
So here's the 2010 list. Oh and I'm so excited because my aunts also made lists who doesn't love that? I hope we can help each other accomplish them.
  1. Come up with something to replace the Tuesday 10 - Done
  2. Build a snowman - Tried three times the snow just wouldn't pack. 
  3. Make a Granny Square Blanket
  4. Get Lost - Done
  5. Eat at Papa Roux
  6. 1 photo a day all year
  7. Finish the Unfinished Kitchen Remodel
  8. Explore someplace new in Indy - I think I did this like twelve times no fewer than 5 though at least once here.
  9. Find something new to be good at - Thing Finder aka the finder of things Jonesy appointment me the best ever.
  10. Acquire some lockers
  11. Spend 24 hours watching movies - Complete
  12. Visit the Pacific Northwest
  13. Go Kayaking - DONE
  14. Spend some time with G and G - Spent pending more Time Spending!
  15. Make Ashley chicken and dumplings - Eaten and they were Yum!
  16. Get the whole Jones and Co clan to Michigan (including Dylan) - Done less a few Joneses but we didn't get down about it.
  17. Ride A WHOLE LOT of Ferris Wheels - #1 Down, #2 Down, #3 and  #4, then there was #5
  18. Buy a Vintage Bike
  19. Locate happy faces in random places
  20. Grow a garden - Growing in Progress, It's a Success!
  21. Take the Best Birthday Trip Ever - Done
  22. Celebrate 30 all month long - Done I think I celebrated 35 days ;)
  23. Make Walnut Pesto - It really is lovely you should try it.
  24. See a movie at the drive in
  25. Write my name in cement
  26. Clean off the Shelf in my Bedroom - Finished in 2011
  27. Hang out with Jeanne and Kim together
  28. Become a member of a church - Attending more regularly Close Enough
  29. Go to the Renegade Handmade Fair
  30. Go to the Natural Wall in Michigan
  31. Purchase one of the following - Gocco, Silkscreen, letterpress - Letterpressing Here I come - Thanks Momo
  32. Make a toast - Done
  33. Make an "In Plain English" Video or Blog Post
  34. Be a little more green - Part 1 of being Green
  35. Try a new craft - I did some beading for Christmas forth coming share.
  36. Do something amazing with the minniears - The Awesome Minniears
  37. Acquire at least 2 more passport stamps (I'd specify where but cannot decide)
  38. Hang out with my aunts - 1/2 way there, more time spent, considering this one done
  39. Wild West Road Trip - Taken and it was wild and west.
  40. Do something with Jono from his list - Mt. Rushmore Check
  41. Read more of JJ's writing
  42. Take Mom dancing - danced in the street more dancing to come
  43. Learn to play right handed golf
  44. Shred or burn old documents - DONE
  45. Make a Memory jar - DONE
  46. Swing on a tire swing - I found me a tire swing
  47. Cook something new - Egg Rolls Anyone?
  48. Take Lil Schreve on a roadtrip for graduation - DONEZO
  49. Wine Harvest - Done Sweet
  50. Take more photos when I go out with friends - Working on it, and more
  51. Share more stories on my blog - Worcester in April, Weekend Recap,
  52. Make a new list next year - DONE

Up next new years eve and the new years roadtrip. :D


Over40 said...

what a great list! how do you come up with these things? I'd love to help you with some of these .. especially #38, though there were several others I think I could help with. We have a drive-in place here with 6 different theaters - though going to a drive in with me might not be what you had in mind (FYI, I went to my first drive in with Dick and Mearlene).

Anonymous said...

Lita can come with us on the 4th on our Wild West Road Trip. Then you can knock off 2 of your goals at once!

jen said...

love this. i may have to make one ;) my favs of yours... 10, 19, 24, 31, 42 & 46

Katie said...

jono my thoughts exactly! We can kill several birds with a single stone.

Thea - of course we can help each other it doesn't matter to me where the drive in is. I have been adding to my list both in my phone and on my laptop as I think of something I want to do - pretty much all year long - Jono knows as I'll say - better but that in the phone - I also started putting things in the cover of an atlas in the car.

Jen - perhaps we can help each other as well. :D

Carole Ann said...

Wow! So many goals! I'm so loving goals right now - let's see if I can follow through!